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Stuart Harner: Builder/Owner

Central North Dakota

Kolb Firefly

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Private Pilot to Ultralight

After being a pilot for over 30 years, the hassles of "certified" flight finally took their toll. It was time to go Part 103!

Lifestyle evolution has moved me away from the airport. I sold my planes and the hangar. Now I needed something that could fit in a garage or a trailer so I could fly from a nearby field.

What to buy?
Much reading found a "swing wing" design that really intrigued me. I went to Oshkosh 2013 with checkbook in hand. For several very disappointing reasons that plane was removed from my options.

Kolb aircraft has been a constant vendor at Oshkosh but I knew little of them. While wandering by the exhibit I noticed one that had its wings folded! What? I didn't know they did that! There, I met Travis and Bryan, and quickly became a fan.

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