Hopefully there will be more to come


First Landing

Taken with a cheap digital camera so quality is poor, but it is the only proof I have.

Look really close and you can also see the first bounce!

First Landing (.WMV file 12 MB)

First Landing (.MP4 9 MB) (QuickTime Player)

First Landing (.AVI file 15 MB)

Best Landing (MP4 136 MB)

400' Takeoff and Landing (MP4 88MB)

Serenity Landing May 2015 (MP4 136MB) (End of a nice flight, a little boring but you can see a bit of ND)

Dawn Patrol June 2015 (MP4 57MB)

Hello! October 2015 (MP4 77MB) (Farthest we have been from Y19. Rough air but forced myself to deal with it. New camera possition did not work too well.)


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