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Stitching and Inspection Rings

This shows the inspection ring and rib stitching reinforcing tape prior to covering with patches and tapes.

Since the reinforcing tape was wider than the ribs, a nail held in vice grips was heated with a propane torch and used to melt through the tape and the fabric. This made for nice holes that won't fray out and they were easy to pass the needle through. Getting the needle through the reinforcing tape without melting a hole first was pretty difficult. If you stitched outside the edge of the tape, it would pucker the fabric when the stitch was tightened. This makes the stitches much smoother to cover with tape.


First Poly Brush Coat

After all the tapes and patches were glued and ironed flat, it was time for the first brushed on coat of Poly Brush.

The trick is to get enough on to seal the fabric inside and out, but not drip through to the other side.

Practice makes perfect.

I must not have practiced enough.



Wings Ready for Spray Booth

Both wings finished up through the first brush on coat of Poly Brush.

Time to cover the rest of the parts.



Tail Feathers Covered

Covered and shrunk ready for tapes and patches.

Getting the holes for the rudder horns was a little difficult.

Patches are your friend.



Tapes and Patches

This arrangement let me work on all the parts at the same time.



Ailerons Are Just Little Wings

They're just like the wings except you wrap only one piece of fabric instead of using two.

One length of fabric did both ailerons with some left over.


Wrapping the Ailerons

Getting the correct amount of excess fabric (looseness) on a long skinny part is a test of your covering skills.

The fabric shrinks the same in all directions so getting it tight enough in one direction without being too tight in the other is the goal.

The key is to calibrate your iron and work your way up to the final temperatures a little at a time.

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