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First Engine Run

Chocked and tied down.

Fuel lines and carb bowl filled with squeeze bulb.

Two shots of prime, enricher to full, throttle to idle.

Started on the first pull. Surprised the heck out of me!

It smoked a little until the preservative oil burned away, then ran perfectly.


More Testing and Taxi

The engine was run through the full 1 hour break in procedure at home.

Then I moved Serenity to the airport for taxi and flight testing.

I tried to start the engine cold while seated in the plane. I could not. But if I let it warm up good then shut it down, I can easily start the engine from the seat, even strapped in. A great safety feature!

Taxi testing went really well, only one minor adjustment to the left brake was needed.



Temporary Storage

Until I get my camper trailer converted to a toy hauler, I needed to keep Serenity at the airport for flight testing.

All folded up, a Firefly sure is a little thing.



Plenty of Room

These hangars are fairly large (45' wide I think) so there is plenty of room to walk around both planes and the other stuff.

Serenity Home